Saturday, March 10, 2012

Destiny's Utopia by Lucia

I first met Destiny back in September through a friend of my mom. Since then I have had the pleasure of consistently interacting with her, and what a wonderful experience it is! Being with Destiny is like escaping to a utopian island of bliss... a place where there are no worries, only laughter and joy. A place full of flying colors and magical creatures, a land of opportunity and possibilities with no end. A place where imagination becomes reality, and you become delirious on joy and contentment.

On a play-date with me at my house one day Destiny transformed into a beautiful girl named Crush. She had discovered the makeup supply in my room. After applying about five coats of blush and eye shadow she jumped up and exclaimed, “I’m Crush! Because I’m different with makeup on. And you’ll be Flush!” (hand held high in the air like Superman). Another day when I picked her up from her house she was wearing a very lengthy wig and announced, “I’m not Destiny, I’m Rapunzel!” In the car later Benny made an embarrassing error; he called her Destiny. She adamantly corrected him. Another time she spent hours with a friend cleaning my yard, every bit of it! The rag turned rather black, but wow did they work hard! She is a powerfully determined little girl. And we want to keep it that way.

Wedged under all this amazingness of Desty’s little brain there are some misbehaving neurons that sputter around crashing into each other and giving Destiny seizures. In order to try to stop this Destiny needs medicine. But unfortunately this medicine, while utterly essential to Destiny’s development, is extremely expensive, and it is ridiculous to assume that any somewhat normal family can afford it on their own. One way we have been raising money is through the wonderful craft of beading. My sister, who has disabilities and who is also another incredible young being, has developed a beading business; a result of her LOVE (or, obsession, you might say :p) of jewelry. Members of our community have been gathering on Sundays to create beautiful bracelets which we then sell to raise funds for Destiny’s medicine.
Please support Destiny, her family, her community, and all the dreams, beauty, and joy that comes with her, by buying one of these bracelets! With each bracelet you will be helping Destiny in her battle against the seizures and you will be a part of this incredible community that is supporting, fulfilling, and realizing Destiny’s magical world.

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