Saturday, November 12, 2011

Make a Donation and Shop Simultaneously TODAY!

The Wings for Destiny Auction blasted off on October 30th! Two weeks into it, bids are totaling almost $600!!!

These past few weeks have been simply unreal...I lack the words and energy to describe it - that is why I have not blogged lately. I apologize to everyone who hasn't been updated on Destiny's progress lately. The meds are working!!! Whether they are going to work in eight months/a year/five years, I don't know, and I don't care right now...I can't care right now.

I look into my daughter's eyes and I see Destiny! Destiny's expressions...they just make my heart melt! I had to teach Benny and Desty that ”mommas cry when they're happy". (LOLOL!) I take mental pictures now, quite literally. I know what can happen...I feel so blessed in that way. I have the rare opportunity to, for country fans, Live Like I Am Dying. That's exactly what I'm doing, guys...No regrets!

Destiny is not seizure-free; her med cocktail is not a cure for Dravet Syndrome...I can't 'fix it' (DAMMIT, I say! ;-). But we can and are truly changing this child's life for the better! Seizures have decreased from 50-70 alarming seizures each day to only a handful per week. We were 'rescuing her' 3-10 times a day when her seizures were out of control. We have not given any type of rescue medication in over two weeks!!!

Desty is a fighter, and you and I are her sponsors!

Please take a few minute to look at the wonderful items that were generously donated for auction at Wings for Destiny Auction

This is such a cool way to raise the money for Destiny's treatment!

Anyone can bid! Just put your bid in a comment. Shipping is included. The auction ends on November 30th!!!

Please go today and start a Bidding War! ;-)

Challenge your friend's to bid as well!

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  1. Links in the post aren't working. I need the link to get back to the auction page to update my bids. So happy that Desty is enjoying life again. Happy for everyone else in her life too!!! Love you all!

  2. THANKS, T!!!!!! Fixed!