Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Destiny Bracelets Spread Worldwide

What began as a small cooperative - an idea for one friend to use her talents to help raise a little awareness and funds for Destiny's medication - has turned global, and raised more than $3500 in just three months!

Beading circles are popping up everywhere - circles of friends, church groups, high school groups, birthday parties. Friends are taking them to international conferences, selling and sharing our message of community, entrepreneurship for people with disabilities, Sofia the Lovely, Destiny and Dravet Syndrome. People are uniting - language barriers and social barriers cease to exist when talking about these bracelets and their story. It truly is a magnificent international web of community being weaved from one idea nurtured!!

We are beginning to meet people, by pure chance, wearing Destiny Bracelets.

This past Sunday, there was a beading circle that I missed. This is a message that I wrote to the group of girls (while on I-25 with three kids in the back seat, all fighting for my attention!)

They're making Destiny by helping to save her. I've never been so touched and so grateful for anyone or anything in my life...

My visual is Desty is in a hot air butterfly balloon, floating gracefully above the normal perils of life. I'm holding my butterfly from floating away with all my might with my String of Love...but the winds are becoming stronger and stronger...

Everyone making bracelets, supporting and spreading our message, forms a line behind me, each grabbing hold of the string, strengthening it, easing my burden so that I can enjoy watching and interacting with my beautiful child. The string transforms into a bracelet, a bracelet that is spanning nations. Sometimes this line of bracelet makers can hold the string tight enough to let me climb into the balloon and let me enjoy the view, her hugs, her love, without worry.

Thank you!

And thank you for reading!

We are finally nearing the end of our critical fundraising 'era'. It won't be too much longer until Colorado Medicaid is set to pay for this life-saving medication. If you are interested in getting a Destiny Bracelet, please email Sofia at SoBeads with your color/style preference, and she will take good care of you!

Otherwise, I encourage each of you to click the PayPal button on the left-hand side of this page and make a contribution to Destiny's medical fund. As little as $5.00 makes a difference!

Please donate and share this blog with someone TODAY!!!

This is my Destiny!....

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